From Bitter Flowers

Poetic documentary looking into the last days of Spanish poet Antonio Machado in exile through its poetry, life and recurrent themes

DateIn Progress
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Experimental mixed media animation
Short film / AV Peformance

Estos días azules y este sol de la infancia
(These blue days and this sun from childhood)

Written in a crumpled piece of paper this verse was found in the pocket of Antonio Machado’s coat at the time of his death in 1939, the beginning of a poem he would never finish.

In an attempt to capture the author’s frame of mind at the moment of writing those words, his anguish as an exile within the historical context and because there is no known visual documentation of this period, this project will be an exercise of poetic reconstruction evoking memories, sensations.

Using Machado’s last verse as a starting point our aim is to examine his last days in exile and explore possible meanings for this isolated verse through his poetry, life and themes.

The project, currently in production, has received funding and support from HOME Artist Film.