Sois de Traca is the lifelong project of Elisa and María.

Born in Central Spain, friends for more than a decade, we are two animation filmmakers who work as a team to produce awesome quirky animations.

Based in Manchester, half artists, half techies, we are drawn to life’s small details and to explore the fine line between drama and comedy.

Influenced by surrealism, absurdism and rhythmic structures we try to capture daily inconsistencies, glimpses of human nature and oneiric landscapes. We also enjoy incorporating sound as part of the visual world.


María Álvarez

Elisa Morais

Sois de Traca Portrait



2D Animation

We produce 2D animated content and motion graphics taking a fresh approach for every project.
We can cover all aspects of production from concept and art direction to animation. Or we can join your project at any stage in-between.

We can take care of

  • Concept
  • Script writing
  • Character design and art direction
  • Storyboarding
  • 2D Animation and Post-Production

Interactive Stuff

We provide consulting, design, development and technical support for all kind of interactive stuff.

You may need us if you want to

  • Develop an installation or interactive piece of art
  • Create interactive animations for public spaces (galleries,museums,etc).
  • Create interactive content for a website, an app or a digital book.
  • Create a projection mapping installation
  • Develop a crazy idea and don’t know where to start.

What we can do for you

  • Tell you whether an idea is technically possible
  • Develop custom designed software
  • Add interactivity to your project
  • Connect different pieces of software
  • Provide you with technical support