NEW COURSE: Introduction to Generative Art 
Our film The Art of Change: Climate Change will be at Annecy Festival‘s Official Selection.


Spines. 14′ 33” / Colour / 2019
Experimental animated short film.

This time the dream was about to make sense…

During sleep and cornered by the lack of meaning a reluctant hedgehog creates a puzzle that can’t be solved. But even within the dream the hedgehog is neither able to let it go nor to solve it and stubbornly tries to make sense of the absurdity…

The film has been created using a mixture of traditional and digital techniques, combining drawings, cut-outs, stop-motion, projections.. For more info on our creative process head to our Spines blog.


Tres Moscas a Medida / Three Fitted Flies. 7′ 47” / Colour / 2015
Scorching summer in the village, an old woman tries to bring her late husband back by means of twisted rituals

The film creates and recreates again its own narrative and visual space with inventiveness and constant surprises. Beguilingly simple in its visual design it engages the viewers with its quirky atmosphere, but also the very personal feelings of the main character, hidden under fly wings.Anča Award 2016

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