Sois de Traca is the joint effort of two independent animators and directors working in collaboration to produce awesome Animations and Interactive Stuff.


Tres Moscas a Medida / Three Fitted Flies

7' 47'' / Colour / 2015
Direction, Writing, Animation
and Sound by Sois de Traca

Short film created during our CreArt
residency in Kaunas, Lithuania.

2D Animation

At Sois de Traca we take a fresh approach for every project. Our work combines traditional hand drawn styles with more contemporary digital techniques. We can cover all aspects of the production process from concept and character design to animation and post-production. Or we can join your project at any stage in-between. read more

Interactive Stuff

We provide consulting, design, development and technical support for all kind of interactive stuff, such as installations, animations for public spaces, projection mapping, web content or apps. read more

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The day She danced for survival

The day She danced for survival

Some time ago we filmed a time-lapse of María improvising again a dance in the kitchen. Having a look at the footage we realised this was not yet another silly dance. This time she was dancing for survival! So we’ve done a small animation to give testimony of this moment. We rotoscoped the dancing bits […]