Mixed media animated short film. An experimental story held by dream logic.

The film has been created using a mixture of traditional and digital techniques, combining drawings, cut-outs, stop-motion, projections..

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14′ 33″ / Colour / 2019.
Direction, Story, Animation, Sound by Sois de Traca.
Hedgehog – Incognito Morais
long character – Incognito Álvarez

This time the dream was about to make sense…

During sleep and cornered by the lack of meaning a reluctant hedgehog creates a puzzle that can’t be solved. But even within the dream the hedgehog is neither able to let it go nor to solve it and stubbornly tries to make sense of the absurdity…

Upcoming Screenings
New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 2019 – Hokkaido, Japan
Sound & Image Challenge International Festival 2019 – Macau, China

Past Screenings
Fest Anča, World Panorama – Žilina, Slovakia, 2019
Push Festival, Artist Film Programme. HOME – Manchester, UK 2019