Mixed media animated short film. An experimental story held by dream logic.

The film has been created using a mixture of traditional and digital techniques, combining drawings, cut-outs, stop-motion, projections..

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14′ 33″ / Colour / 2018.
Direction, Story, Animation, Sound by Sois de Traca.
Hedgehog – Incognito Morais
long character – Incognito Álvarez

The hedgehog goes to sleep and this time the dream is about to make sense…
What could be the point? the hedgehog is thinking, when the duck’s peaceful life is completely destroyed. Long and irritating the visitor launches a formidable puzzle at the doorstep.
Possibilities multiply and so the range of choice becomes just too wide to be handled with regular logic…

Upcoming Screenings
Push Festival, Artist Film Programme. HOME – Manchester, UK 2019