Go Golden

An audiovisual collaborative piece responding to ToGather exhibition and performance.

CommissionerManchester International Festival
DateJuly 2017

“Go Golden” is a collaboration with songwriters Cathy Wilcock and Chris Lyon, aka Gymnast created within the framework of MIF‘s Creative50 talent development program. The piece responds to MIF17 show “ToGather”, with both the visuals and the song creatively engaging the themes and aesthetic of the exhibition.

In the song, Cathy’s lyrics investigate ideas salient in ToGather, such as the meaning of home, belonging, and identity while in an unfamiliar situation or state of movement. Structurally and sonically the production of the song complements this.

The animation draws on our first memories as migrants in Manchester; the significant walking paths and lasting impressions, slowly diluted and altered by time. Paying homage to ToGather works and materials the animation has been built in layers, combining hand-drawn and stop-motion parts.