Stuck Pixels


So, it’s high time. We have grown up (less than an inch anyway) and are finally facing the fact that not all the ideas we start implementing will go somewhere definite. Ideas that are too small for a short film or too big to take them seriously, but fun is on trying…

And now we are launching STUCK PIXELS, a most non-uniform series for ideas that at some point we thought were completely worth the effort but life itself prevented them from being further developed. Every short lived project, tiny film or outrageous experiment will go to this STUCK PIXELS collection, our particular online limbo.

Because sometimes I do have faith but no internet.


Three Fitted Flies / Tres moscas a medida
directors: María Álvarez a Elisa Morais (Sois de Traca) (E)

“The film creates and recreates again its own narrative and visual space with inventiveness and constant surprises. Beguilingly simple in its visual design it engages the viewers with its quirky atmosphere, but also the very personal feelings of the main character, hidden under fly wings.”